Lovesgateau Catering Services was registered in 2007 by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), while Lovesgateau Training Institute was accredited and given full approval by the Federal Capital Department of Mass education in December 2020 to run trainings and issue certificates in Catering services, Home management, Baking, Event management and other area of our competences. Therefore, whether your need is for personal or domestic upgrade in your cooking skills, a commercial food vendor or baker seeking to improve your skills, or a Chef looking for a refresher course for continuous professional development (CPD), we have what you need. We build capacity for everyone going through our Training Institute so as to provide employment and income for the needy.
A partnership with us is a step in the right direction and engaging our services is having the right peg in the right hole. We have a place for everyone: Housewives seeking to get better in domestic cooking, Students who want to learn how to cook, and Graduates or anyone who want take commercial cooking as second career or for business.
Our testimonies speak for us over the range of services, supplies and satisfaction we give our clients over the years. We will give your occasion the touch of satisfaction that leaves you and your guests craving and asking for more.